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Mon, Apr. 9th, 2007, 06:39 pm

i haven't written in this thing for, like, forever

2007 will probably bring no international travel and that's ok. 2006: june - paris with mom, decemeber - russia, to see mom (this time less cheery). some of you know the rest of the story. no more visas. no more triple changeovers. no more anxiety attacks on russian aircraft.

art is going well---getting more illustration work (see here and here) from the poetry foundation website.

still working where i was before. a student at the UW now--in my 2nd quarter there...

i am trying to get my foot in the door doing display for high fashion places in c-town--places like barney's, marios, etc.

trying to keep it together and muster up motivation to wake up in the morning. always a challenge.

really looking forward to harvest season--to farm-fresh bok choy from helsing CSA, to heirloom tomatoes, to tabouli on a weekly basis, and svekolnik, and all kinds of goodness tossed with annie's sesame ginger dressing and bleu cheese. and good bread. and flowers!

all for now,