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Thu, Aug. 2nd, 2007, 11:34 am
my favorite band in seattle plays tonight - KHV

so ... there is this band-

katharine hepburn's voice (KHV)

they're pretty much the zenith of seattle as far as i am concerned. their songs speak to both the weepy and fun-loving parts of the human experience i have loved them for 2 years, and loved their previous incarnation, dalmatians. i think you should check them out - they pick and choose their gigs carefully so their live shows are rare treats. plus they just printed run of ltd edition vinyl for their 2nd release "unlimited nights and weekends" and i have practically worn mine out listening to it.

KHV/Thursday/August 2/Sunset Tavern/9pm/$6/21+/RECORD RELEASE

listen to songs at their myspace page

i will be there videotaping so make sure to say hi (i have short hair now)!
see you there,

oh, and here's some fun slander from "anonymous poster":

"I'm so tired of the posts about KHV's RECORD RELEASE PARTY tomorrow. I mean, what's the big deal, that they put out a full length vinyl record? Yeah, them and like 5000 other ironic cutesy bands. It makes me wanna just punch that chick in her face. Whats-her-name... um, Sharon? Chicken? I don't know, but like I was saying about her tired-ass ironic schtick, those red glasses are going to break when i punch them off her face. I'm going to do it at the Sunset Tavern tomorrow night (Thursday) at 9pm, for anyone who wants to see that scrawny tart get creamed!

Then I'm gonna give the drummer a wedgie and probably punch him too. What is with him always playing, like, 10,000 instruments at once??? You'd think that if you're gonna be a two-peice, you could both play and sing, or something, but this waffle-sniffer insists on playing, singing, fiddling with some undoubtably "retro" electronics (don't EVEN get me started on Sharon's CASIO, eugh!). Tired Tired Tired! Have you guys ever heard of the phrase "it's been done before"??

I wonder if I'll have to shell out the rediculous $6 door charge to go in there and punch that chick's freaking lights out. I hope I don't mistake her for some other scrawny rat and punch the other bands with their totally cliche band names: Autolite Strike and Radio Moscow. Dude, those guys are just as stupid as KHV is... no... my bad KHV satnds for KATHARINE HEPBURN'S VOICE, and I'm pretty sure you can't get much lower on the poop scale than that.

Fuck those guys. It's like just because Eli Chuckovich (that pansy) recorded their album? or what that he kind of "produced it too"? LIKE I GIVE A SHIT. Like anyone gives a flying fluff about some hip-ass ladykiller.... OR his stupid projects involving two filthy booger-eaters. and I hear the girl in KHV never showers, or like, washes her hair once a month or something. Gross!

Thu, Aug. 2nd, 2007 06:49 pm (UTC)

let's make a date, lady.

Thu, Aug. 2nd, 2007 06:52 pm (UTC)

wait, i'll just email you...