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Thu, Aug. 16th, 2007, 04:41 pm
an autodidact teaches art....comedy of the century!

so here's a question: how do you teach art when you haven't been taught it yourself?
this is the 2nd year where i try to answer that question by way of practicum.

so here's how it goes: i teach a weeklong teen illustration series at a fine arts school. its nerveracking (because that's how i am) and i feel a great sense or responsibility, and that's where most of the anxiety comes from. the kids are great. the administrators are great. the facility is neat. but me? i am a mess! getting sick on day one doesn't help either. though i do live 4 blocks away from this place...location is impeccable.
well anyhow...

here's a rundown of what we've done so far

  • MON - intros, intro to pen and ink, ink washes, upside down drawing exercise (from "drawing on the right side of the brain"), begin project #1, editorial illustration of a person in pen and ink or ink wash

  • TUES - continue the projects from day one. mini-project: draw the same things two different ways (2 diff styles and /or media). intro to watercolor, hands-on demo using washes, wet-on-wet, dry brush, etc. critique project #1 in group.

  • WEDS - start project #2 - book cover. demo special watercolor techniques - adding salt, vinegar, rubbing alcohol, etc for a special effect. power point of contemporary illustrators. talk about art concepts - media - terminology - compositional elements.

  • THURS - continue project #2 - book cover. demo using masking fluid with watercolor. talk about multimedia options - at this point they've seen pencil, pen and ink, ink wash, graduated ink washes, watercolor wash, watercolor wet-on wet, dry brush work, gestural brush work, line drawing with brush, using media within washes. now i add into the mix, xerox transfer, colored pencils, colored ink, collage, overlay using matte mylar, lettering on mylar for the book covers. start FINAL project - editorial spread illustration (2+ of the above-mentioned media).

  • FRI (to come) - continue FINAL project - one on one work with students on their finals, composition, using all the different media elements, refining some of their techniques, talking to them about where they want to go beyond this week - stop early and hang work for the end of week show

    i'll share my final recollections w/ y'alls tomorrow.

Fri, Aug. 17th, 2007 04:48 am (UTC)

exciting stuff! Wish I could be in your class :)