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Thu, Feb. 16th, 2006, 12:52 pm
Cult of Youth Reading at Confounded Books this Sunday Feb19

The Cult of Youth Project

C.O.Y. Reader #1 – "Traveling beyond our means"

Reading at Confounded Books

6:00 PM Sunday Feb 19, 2006
315 E Pine, Seattle, 98122 (right by Bauhaus)
Admission FREE ~ Donations Accepted

Featuring: Lindsey Rae Gjording, Julia Gfroerer, Marianne Goldin, A.D. Huebner, Dwight Jonsson, and Margaritte Knezek

Cult of Youth is organized in partnership with Sedrat Arts
(www.sedrat.org), a multidisciplinary arts support and development

Cult of Youth #1, the "Traveling beyond our means" issue, focuses on
the stretches that happen most profoundly in the earlier stages of
life that prove to us our immense capacity for learning and
change/self-improvement. The contributors in this issue demonstrate,
through written and pictorial means, the spectrum of human existence
and possibility in uncertain times. Readers from this volume will be
featuring selected articles from the reader and other works from their
acumen. It is available now at Confounded Books.

Cult of Youth #2, the "unADULTing" issue, is currently in production
for May 2006 and is accepting submissions.

We start COY Volume #1 with "Teenage Wasteland", a biting little
narrative by Mairead Case (Pitchfork, The Stranger, Venus Zine) about
reading outlaw literature with youth in a detention center. Margaritte
Knezek (Travel Queeries) writes in "Learning Beyond American" about
her search to find interdependence in her community despite being
brought up in a hippy environment. There is a brief autobiography by
the Polaroid Kid (Plrds.com) who documents a wholly un-nostalgic brand
of Americana in his wayward travels. Following is a lesson in the
esoteric history of virgin martyrs of early Christendom as told (and
illustrated) by the rare and un-dogmatic voice of Julia Gfrörer
(Thorazos.net). We are also treated by A. D. Huebner's first ventures
into nonfiction critical writing with "Market This!," a look into
youth culture feeding patterns that the big corporations haven't yet
gotten past their gullets. There is another interview with emerging
photographer John Argetsinger (Wavyhead.com), who is currently working
on a photo-documentary project in Alaska. Dwight Jonsson (Black Death)
and Lindsey Rae Gjording close the issue with their articles, "San
Francsico: Brotherly Love" and "Same Same, but Different", about the
future of art school graduates, and the introspection that happens in
finding-yourself travels, respectively.

Also featured are illustrations by Craig Updegrove, a prolific poster
artist in Seattle; Jesse Edwards (Jesseedwards.net), who paints
still-lives with crack pipes; a work in pen and ink by Marianne Goldin on the
topic of her Junior High crushes; works on paper by Scotty Enderle
(Seattle expat now in S.F.); and a photo of an elk head with more
personality than most living people by A. D. Huebner.



A profound appreciation of youth drives the Cult of Youth Project.

Stemming from a lack of noncommercial arena in which young and
youth-spirited people may express/publish unorthodox ideas, C.O.Y.
gives a structured voice to this underserved community of thinkers and
doers. It is a project by young people for young people.

C.O.Y. also plans to create service and youth education projects, in
addition to commissioning individual and collaborative fine art and
creative nonfiction/journalistic works.


The primary function of the Cult of Youth Project is to publish and
curate The Cult of Youth Reader, a literary and arts journal
representing youthful and youth-spirited writers, artists,
photographers, and organizers. The Reader will contain, but not be
limited to, works of nonfiction literature, A&E editorials,
illustration, fine art monographs, mini graphic novels, bundled
multimedia, and custom covers & inserts. The publication is produced
three times a year, in limited-edition runs, with features such as
hand-printed book jackets and bundled CDs. The publication
incorporates influences of book arts, subculture attitudes, youth
culture gone awry, and well-meaning social misanthropy. It is edited
by Marianne L. Goldin, founder of the project. Sedrat Arts
(www.sedrat.org) is the organizational umbrella for the project and
provides its 501(c)(3) classification.

C.O.Y. happily accepts unsolicited manuscripts, proposals and artworks
from the general public. For more information about submission, please
visit www.cultofyouth.com

About the readers:

JULIA GFRÖRER ("Crown of Stars: Five Stories of Virgin Martyrs") grew
up in a very old New England farmhouse, and ghosts from the past that
haunt the present are what she loves and fears the most. She graduated
from Cornish College of the Arts in 2004 and currently lives in
Seattle, where she takes spirit photographs and plays the Theremin.
See more of her work and comix at www.thorazos.net.

LINDSEY RAE GJORDING ("Same Same, Different") is a world traveler,
photographer, avid journalist, and bon vivant. Recently returned from
a ten-week jaunt in Southeast Asia, she is continuing work on the Loft
Project, a photojournalistic inquiry into Seattle's latent bohemian
scene. Don't be surprised when you realize she knows everyone here.

MARIANNE GOLDIN ("Bringing Up The Project"), 23, is a dayjobber and
ex-DJ who sometimes dabbles in the 'finest of arts'. She loves
letterpress, etchings, tea, and forging old documents. Marianne also
has trouble remembering quixotic words. She is the founder of the Cult
of Youth Project. Check out her artwork at www.mariannegoldin.com

A.D. HUEBNER ("Market This!"), 24, son of a farm-bred father and
suburbanite mother. Born and raised throughout King County,
Neglected child prodigy, turned skateboarded, turned drug-fiend,
turned alter-M.C., turned one-mar road rally circuit, turned drunk,
folk-rapper sleeping in on the weekends. Now lives in the city of
Seattle, spending most of his time trying to race cars up 10th Avenue
on his bicycle.
Listen to his compositions at www.myspace.com/ahuebner

DWIGHT JONSSON ("San Francisco: Brotherly Love") is a comic book
artist living in Seattle. He goes by the name Black Death when
recording music.
He holds a BFA in painting from the University of Washington and has
worked with some of the most talented artists in the world on a sundry
of projects. Read more at http://www.reverb1.com/TheBlackDeath

MARGARITTE KNEZEK ("Learning Beyond American: Lessons in
Interdependence"), a transplant from New Haven, CT, is an autodidact
and enlightened drop out. She has traveled extensively (France,
Brazil, Greece, Italy, Croatia, Palestine, Israel, Ecuador, and all
over the USA), documenting political and cultural events as they
happen. See more at www.margarittemedia.com